About Us

Global Billiard Mfg. Blends Craftsmanship And Quality To Meet Coin Op Pool Table Customer Needs.



Rooted in Europe centuries ago, the modern game of billiards has been adopted in the U.S. as a national pastime. The success of Los Angeles based Global Billiard Manufacturing can be attributed to a similar force: blending the Old World values of craftsmanship with an understanding of evolving business trends and customer needs in the coin operated and bill acceptor pool table market.


Founded five decades ago by a young immigrant couple still assimilating to their new homeland, Global’s 50 year history in making bar pool tables, residential pool tables, and full size 9’ tournament billiard tables is an affirmation of its’ founders persistence in tapping opportunities buried deep in the wellspring of American culture.


Scandinavians by birth, Global founders Torben and Solveig Gramstrup came to Los Angeles in 1957 and in short order landed jobs at Acme Billiards, the only billiard manufacturer west of the Mississippi River at the time. Within five years the couple formed their own company making commercial and home pool tables; and by the early 1970’s became a competitive force in the market manufacturing 18 models in four sizes with 12 different finishes.


During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s Global looked to diversify by producing coin operated pool tables for the amusement, bowling alley and bar pool table market. Today, Global exclusively manufacturers coin operated and electronic bill acceptor pool tables, in addition to The Matrix, an electronic bill acceptor conversion kit. Released in 2005, the Matrix upgrades most other coin op manufacturers tables, including those from Valley, Dynamo, Great American, and coming this Fall, Diamond Smart tables. All the products are manufactured in their modern facility located 20 minutes from both the Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbors and Los Angeles International Airport.



There are many reasons why Global Billiard is your best choice when it comes to coin-operated tables, and here are just a few:

  • A commitment to quality that stretches back over 45 years

  • Family owned, operated and made in the USA

  • Durability and reliability that guarantees added revenues, lower maintenance and higher player satisfaction

  • The most innovative line of coin-operated tables in the market, and the Matrix, the industry leading bill acceptor conversion kit for bar pool tables

  • Time tested component designs

  • We are constantly working to provide our customers with unprecedented service and new product developments

  • Fast and efficient delivery from our state of the art manufacturing facility